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Our spunky little 1970 Ranger Camper will be the life of the party, classy but with the heart of a bohemian hippie, just like her namesake, Ada Bea Danley. Ada Bea loved people and an occasional sip of apricot brandy, the secret ingredient of her amazing pound cakes. Check out our signature drink, Bea’s Brandy Smash, sweet and a little bit sassy, just like Bea.

Preparing Cocktails


First, tell us about your event. We just need to know the date and hours of service, location, number of guests, and what you would like to serve. Once we have that, we agree upon a price.

A signed contract and date retainer holds your date for you. 

We will require a deposit of 50%. Full payment must be made 14 days prior to your event.

We will work with you to create a custom menu. We like to finalize well before your event so that we can get things ordered, etc. We’ll prep the cocktails and mixers and bring them with us.

Just a reminder, we aren’t allowed to resell alcohol. We got a couple of friends that are liquor retailers that we can set you up with or you can do the shopping on your own. This is even your chance to save a few bucks and shop around for the best deal. Just have all of the alcohol ready for us when we pull in. We will get it all prepped and iced down.

Finally.... have the time of your life! We bring everything for the bar, so just tell us where to drop the trailer and we are good to go.

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